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-Jim Fritz, CEO of The Wedding Shoppe

Get Clear

Get clear on what’s important to you, the future of your work, business and legacy.

Build a Plan

You don’t have to know the technical stuff, only what’s important to you and the future.


Control Your Future

You’ll have a proven system with objective advice from people who understand what you’re dealing with.

Discover How Solidity Has Helped People Like You Build a Plan to Accomplish Their Goals

“Our family business was unclear in our future direction and there were lots of emotions. Now we have a clear plan with numbers that work for everyone!” Jim Fritz

CEO, The Wedding Shoppe & Kennedy Blue

“The most challenging thing in business is to create a great company that can continue on without you.” Bo Burlingham

Author, Editor at Large, Forbes & Inc. Magazine

Solidity’s planning can help you save up to 75% in taxes when you transition or  recieve that “out of the blue offer”. Todd Ganos

Prinicpal, IWC Family Offices


When it comes to thinking about an exit plan or the future of the business without them, most owners are flooded with all kinds of emotions. They are too close to their businesses and don’t know where start or who to talk to. Through real life experience, education and a vetted network we provide owners a safe place with the resources they need and people that have been there before or are in similar spots.

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 We know how hard it is to filter through all the technical advice and noise from professionals who have never owned a business. We have been in your seat, owned businesses, and helped other owners like you build a plan that aligns with you and your legacy.

Ryan sold a family business and through that exit found that the advice was fragmented, technical, and compensation driven.

He found that no one understood the emotional aspects of transitioning “their baby”. All the advice was focused on “doing the deal’ and not on their desire to be proud of what they had built or how their legacy and financial outcome would change depending on the exit path they choose.

Using his experience, Ryan and his Partner Brandon, created The Value Advantage™ platform which is used as the foundation of the Growth and Exit Planning Process that provides owners all the tools, information, and technology they need to build the value of their company, create an exit plan that maximizes their wealth, and creates the legacy they want… all with people that “get it”.

Whether it’s through a Peer Group, 1-on-1, or both, you will 1.) Learn how the goals you have for your business and legacy will impact your financial future. 2.) Get access to all the financial tools you need to see your company in the eyes of a buyer. 3.) Have non-bias and conflict free advice from other owners and advisors who understand your goals.

How Do You Work With Us?

  1.  Schedule a call with our Team
  2. We’ll present you a business case with a scope of work after you provide preliminary information and docs.
  3.  Create a Growth and Exit Pan.

The Goal: help you create a Growth and Exit Plan so you have options to sell when you want, to who you want, for how much you want.

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