Maximize Your Networth and Annual Cash Flow

What exactly do we do?

We are essentially your Personal CFO. Your outfitter, your guide. We plan and manage EVERYTHING financial. You call the shots. We provide the guidance you need to make all the right moves. Help with the tough decisions, so you can spend more time enjoying the easy ones.

How do we handle the challenge?

Our uncommon NO COMMISSION financial planning philosophy includes, low cost, and asset allocation that gets you closer to your life’s passion and purpose!

Your Solidity CFO

Our Financial Planning practice has a legal obligation to do what is best for you. No sales quotas. No kickbacks. No jargon. We coordinate the team of professionals and services necessary to get the job done right. Complete financial guidance for one transparent fee.

Financial Planning

How does a new cabin or job affect your plan?

Tax Mitigation & Management

We collaborate with your CPA on your tax strategy.

Investment Management

Low-cost, asset allocation, science driven investing.

Retirement Plans / 401(k)

Maximize the return and reduce the expenses.

Cash Flow Management

How much income do you need for life?

Insurance Management

Review, reprice, advise. We earn no commission.

College Planning

Save now or write checks later?

Wills/Trusts, Estate Planning

Get your estate and trust ducks in a row.

How does it work?

Simple. We get to know you like family. (But not like the strange second cousin you try to avoid) Our 3-step Financial Planning process nails down your “There’s no way I’m reducing my lifestyle when I retire” strategy.  Check it out:


Sound financial management includes far more than great investment performance. The first step is to carefully lay out your blueprint. Really getting to know you is essential to create the perfect plan for you. Our experience meets your vision.


We assemble the perfect mix of experts and technology in order to create the best holistic investment plan based on your income needs and risk tolerance. We make sure you hit your lifetime income needs without taking any more risk than necessary.


Even the strongest foundation needs to be ready to adapt. Strategy reviews, powerful tools, and specialized experts help keep you on course. Solidity is always there to guide you, especially when you have concerns about how the unforeseen could influence your future.

Dynamic Financial Planning Tools/Technology

Account Aggregation

The Solidity dashboard is a game changer. Your investments, banking, real estate, loans, insurance and key documents are all pulled into one simple tool that is always right at your fingertips.

Real-Time Information

Your financial data updates securely in real-time from all of your personal sources. You can always see the bottom line whether you are at your desk or on your mobile device.

Advanced Planning & Reporting

Detailed cash flow, balance sheets, goal projections, and budget analysis are just a few of the reports that are readily available. This is your hub to always feel connected with your finances.

Great planning goes a long way.

Controlling your financial expenses goes much further.

Our Investment Strategy


Zero Commissions

No one likes to be sold to. Especially confusing products rarely living up to the pitch. It is our fiduciary obligation to pursue your best interests and provide unbiased advice. Truly 100% commission free firms are rare. Like 1 in 100 rare. So if you think about it, finding a company like Solidity is just like hitting the lottery.


Low-Cost Investing

The science of intelligent investing is clear. Why pay double the fees to achieve lower returns? The tools we use are among the most common sense, liquid, and cost effective available. The downside is you won’t get that holiday card from the big bank CEO thanking you for helping with his titanic bonus.


Asset Allocation

The balance between risk and reward it never ending. We help understand how your exposure to any investment affects your lifetime income. Many investment products are designed to be seductive, confusing, and very profitable for the investment companies. We cut through all the investment garbage to maximize your profits. Not Wall Street’s.

We maximize your profits. Not Wall Street’s.

Our platform provides us the unique opportunity to help protect people from the dark side of the financial system. Solidity is free of cozy relationships with banks, insurance companies or anybody else. Meaning we work for you. No sales quotas. No corporate interests.


Cost savings

Year time horizon

Cabin paid for

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