Today’s story is about a gentleman named Thomas Smale, Founder of FE International which is an M&A firm specializing in the sale of SaaS, e-commerce and content based businesses. Thomas started his career flipping online businesses. He would buy $50 to $100 websites, build them up, and then sell them for profit.

Thomas started realizing that there was a huge potential market for this and people started going to him and asking for advice. He built an instructional e-course and then ended up building FE International to where it is today with his business partner, Ismael Wrixen. They have done $100 million in transactions, over 500+ deals.

In today’s episode, you will learn:

  • How to grow the value of your business to get more out of your sale
  • The importance of building recurring revenue streams
  • The value of making your business attractive to a wide range of buyers
  • What your IP is worth in a sale
  • Importance of proper exit planning
  • The three key business models
  • The three categories of buyers

Thomas and I take his wisdom and his experience from the volume of transactions and deals that he’s seen to shed light on what the top online businesses are doing to grow valuable companies and sell to the people that they want to. In the episode, we discuss three different key business models in the online space and three different categories of buyers out there. Thomas talks about increasing the value of a business by systematizing operations and potentially putting a recurring revenue stream in place as a part of the owner’s exit plan.

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Thomas is the Founder of FE International. He is a serial online business entrepreneur and expert. In his early 20s, he began building and selling small online companies. This turned into a full-time career when he founded FE International in 2010, growing the business with zero funds from ground up and consistently doubling annual revenue, as well as the average deal size. Thomas specializes in advising in the M&A of SaaS, e-commerce, affiliate and content businesses. He has consulted hundreds of internet entrepreneurs on exit strategy, growth and business development.