How to Structure the Sale of a Company


How to Structure the Sale of a Company 

Have you built an amazing company, but you don't know what it's worth? By the time you're finished with this 4-part Mini-Class case study you'll have a clear picture on how to sell your company to the right person, for the price you want, on your terms... so you can leave a legacy that matters.

Here's What's Inside...

This Mini-Class dives deep into a case study of an owner that sold their business. Ryan and Brandon go over the company financials and the net proceeds calculator. Then there is an overiew on how to use the tools to structure a sale in variety of ways... the goal is to maximize proceeds and reduce risk!


Understand What's Important in a Sale to Increase Your Success 

Overview of the most important factors you need to consider when selling your business.


Settting up the Company Financials for the Sale

Deep dive into the case study's company financials to set the stage and give you examples.


 Structuring A Sale to Maximize Your Proceeds

Examples on how to structure a deal and what you need to know to control the negotiation and net proceeds of your sale.


Market Landscape & Open Table Discussion 

Discussion on how to balance what is important in the sale and how to maximize an opportunity... knowing what to negotiate.

Ryan is the Co-Owner of Solidity Financial, creator of the popular “Life After Business” Podcast. 

After selling the family business with his father sold, he became passionate about helping entrepreneurs gain control of their businesses and maximizing the value of their exit. 

Their exit process was an unexpectedly difficult undertaking, but the lessons that were learned have proven to be an incomparable value. 

Since then, Ryan joined his good friend, Brandon Wood, as a Partner and Co-Owner at Solidity Financial where they built the firm he wished they had... specialize in exit planning, value building, and investment management. 

Brandon is a Partner as Mosaic Advisor. They provide family office sercies to individuals and familys with a net worth of $25 Million+.

Brandon has provided advanced estate, business succession, and asset protection planning advice since beginning his planning career in 2001. 

HIs goal is to know as much as possible about the complexities of business and the strategic exit plan as possible. By doing so he can dive into every facet of advice and planning to make sure his clients maximize their dollar and legacy. 

Check out what other people had to say about the Mini-Class...

So much value in one place!

I am amazed with how much information I was able to gain from this mini-class. Ryan & Brandon lay out exactly how to get to the numbers that matter!

Jim Fritz, 

CEO - The Wedding Shoppe

Sam Thompson How to Structure the Sale of a Business MIni-Class

Amazing advice.

I love the section on how they show the multiple that the business owner gets is tied to a desired rate of return for the buyer. It's important for the seller to understand the buyer's perspective.

Sam Thompson, 

CEO & Certified Business Intermediary - Transitions in Business

What Can You Achieve with This Information?

With this training and net proceeds calculator, you'll be able to optimize your exit planning efforts by efficiently leveraging the resources and knowledge of the top investment bankers and business buyers. The case study gives you the clarity on what shoud matter to you AND how to negotiate your deal so you can structure it in a way that maximizes your proceeds and makes you happy with the results. In the free Mini-Course, we'll share with you:

  • How your financials impact the value of your company.
  • The best way to show your numbers to maximize your company's value.
  • How to structure the sale in a way that maximizes your net proceeds and reduces your risk.
  • How to gain control over the whole exit process.

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